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Multi Purpose Mesh & Snap Bags with A detachable handle

Made to Fit Your Lifestyle..

MyBaggee is committed to bringing each product the care and attention it deserves. Durable material to ensure product longevity. Flexible mesh that allows easy storage.

  • My Baggee is the most versatile and convenient option to keep all of your notions, knitting crafts and sewing accessories. 
  • Perfect to carry your clothing, bathing suits, hobbies and other goodies.
  • Nice colored see-through mesh material with snaps for proper enclosure.
  • AAA only snap mesh bag in the market with detachable handle for easy carrying that free your hands.
  • Lightweight and very useful for many indoor/outdoor activities.


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The product we had been waiting for! our clients are thrilled with the use and versatility of this product. It sells very well in our store.
— Yarns & Arts

Our dear friend Barbara Benson commenting on her experience with our mybagges @TNNA, she also shares some incredible products, we invite you to enjoy it

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About Us

mybaggee is a see through mesh bag (S, M, L) and currently comes in many colors as well; ZEBRA (black-striped), BURGUNDY, GOLD, SILVER, TANGERINE, LAVENDER, LIME, COFFEE, and News Jumbo Bags.

mybaggee is also the first project bag with a detachable handle and snaps, giving it the FLEXIBILITY to serve you best. the durable yet flexible material allows for easy folding and storing.



MyBaggee - Detachable Handle Instructions

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